Miné Mediterranean

A reverie of Mediterranean living

We wake up to luring water, where its purity has brought life both to body and soul. Crisp air flows through our cotton kaftan, dancing with us in an ethereal way. The smell of salt on the breeze makes us follow a narrow path that takes us to meet the Sea- early morning swims become rituals to greet each day, one of life´s true pleasures.


Spirit and mind are cleansed now; lungs open to welcome the scent of damp earth. Fertile and generous, we pick fruit from the trees.

Beauty arises everywhere, nature’s color palette harmoniously blends together, enriching the eye and creating a perfect balance, reminiscent of ancient civilizations´ true understanding of aesthetics.


Under the sun, water keeps drawing us in. Our swimwear becomes our second skin, allowing us to awaken our true essence; a sense of renewal and rejuvenation, a feeling of complete well being as if we are reborn with each dip.


We are surrounded by abundant olive groves that paint the rocky landscapes, they share their shade with us when it gets too warm on hot summer days. All we need now is our pestemal to lay on and a good book to get lost in.

These same trees provide the base of our meal; fresh olive oil drizzled on local produce. Simple, yet delicious, the beauty of our surroundings metamorphoses into the flavors of our plate.


Afternoon comes and its light caresses us up so delicately, our sun kissed skin reflects the sea glittering in the background.

Hours are spent watching boats sail by, free like the Mediterranean’s changing wind, following no route, discovering this vast and everlasting beauty, uncovering its dreamlike places.


On starry summer nights we wrap ourselves with silk, it gently embraces us while we contemplate the vastness of the universe, with it comes a sense of reverence and deep respect.

For those who seek discreet yet luscious pleasures, all is perfectly set to indulge in the good life.

The Mediterranean, sea of beauty lovers; our haven and our muse, we become one.



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