Miné Mediterranean

Our Craftsmanship

True to the essence of our brand and in pursuit of building a bridge between traditional and modern, stylish and practical- we work closely with a family of skilled artisans to create beautiful pieces by conserving and honoring ancestral hand looming methods.

Handloomed in Turkey

Our textile workshop is tucked away in a small weaving village between the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea. Here, proud and passionate artisans work on centenary looms to produce the pieces that tell their story and ours.
The final touch is placed by the women of this community and comes in the form of hand- tied fringe.
The excellence of this craftsmanship is reflected in the quality of our products. We want this precious process to be felt with each wear. We believe this is the true definition of luxury; expertise, time in the making and uniqueness.

Made in NYC

Across the world, in the heart of the garment district, a family of swimwear manufacturers share the same values of hard work, pride and a deep commitment to perfection.

By being made in New York City, our swimwear ensures the highest quality standards and allows us to be completely involved in each step of production. We work closely with our manufacturers who have mastered the process of swimwear making, together we believe in growing local businesses. We cultivate the city’s unique fashion culture and heritage and underline the distinctive signature of a Made in New York City product.